Dawn Publications
Our Staff
Glenn Hovemann, editor and co-publisher, delights in working closely with our creative group of authors since 1993. He’s been around the longest, and brings his word smithing skills to every project he turns his attention to. He’s always on the lookout for the perfect manuscript, and looks at every one that arrives either by snail mail or email.
Muffy Weaver is manager and co-publisher, working side by side with Glenn as a husband and wife team. Part of her role is as art director, selecting and guiding the illustrators. Muffy brings to Dawn both the mind of a manager and the heart of a mother, lovingly overseeing the development and birth of each new product. She also works closely with Sandy and Richard on marketing.
Richard Rodrigue is our webmaster, database manager, foreign rights contact, marketing assistant, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. That doesn’t leave much for the rest of us! Every company needs a “jack of all trades” and Richard has fit that billing since he joined us in 2000, complete with glasses. He’s also the go-to guy when something breaks.
Sandy Philpott joined our team in 2009. She is our sales and marketing manager, working closely with our buyers and reviewers. She responds to all with warmth and enthusiasm. Among her many jobs, she supports our sales reps as they introduce our books to store buyers everywhere. You might see her at a book show dressed as a honeybee, sharing the buzz about In the Trees, Honeybees.
Malachi Bazan is an artist in his own right who uses technology as his medium. He formerly worked on Hollywood animated movies, then for major video game companies as a character modeler, or what he calls “digital sculpting.” Malachi heads up Dawn’s program to convert traditional books into e-books. Even more exciting, he sometimes creates a whole new experience for children by integrating animation and interactivity, such as with the Over in the Ocean App.
Carol Malnor is associate editor, bringing to Dawn an ideal combination of talents as a writer and teacher. She and Glenn review manuscript submissions and work with authors to fine-tune the book projects. Carol also writes the Inside Outside Nature blog for Dawn. She is an experienced nature educator and a keen birdwatcher. Plus she is a highly experienced educator, having been an elementary, middle school, and high school teacher, founder of two alternative high schools, and former online instructional designer for advanced teacher training. To cap it off, she is author of six of our titles and all of Dawn’s Teacher’s Guides.
Bruce Malnor often whistles while he works, which means he’s having fun. He is a former classroom teacher and elementary school principal, who continues to share his insights into the world of education through workshops and consulting projects. He’s also a nature photographer with an awesome collection of photos. Bruce and his wife Carol Malnor have co-authored several of our books. We’re pleased to have him with us part-time helping with order fulfillment. Check out the Malnor web site, http://www.naturebooksforkids.com.
Maddie, short for Madeline Mayflower, fulfills her assignment splendidly, which is to bring a smile to everyone. Her basic attitude is “nonsense is good” and “let’s play!” She has a unique relationship with her pal Bodhi: while Bodhi is lying down, Maddie full-body attacks and Bodhi fully engages merely by moving his head.
Bodhi is our faithful companion who we sometimes lovingly call our “rug” as he sleeps most of the day on the carpet. But when a UPS or Fed Ex driver arrives, he is at the door in a flash hoping for a treat. Occasionally a new face shows up at the door, and when face to face with Bodhi, prepares to flee, but is likely to be licked affectionately when given the chance.
Friends We Couldn’t Do Without
Catherine Rice, who resides at Rainbow Ranch, arrives weekly with warmth and color to brighten our week and crunch our numbers. She’s been doing our numbers since 1996. With over 30 years of professional accounting experience, she brings notable expertise and a calm presence. She owns and operates Rice Business Solutions with her partner Doug Rice. When they are not crunching numbers you can find them rocking and rolling with wild abandon with their band “Star People.”
Patty Arnold loves both reading and designing books. You can see her design work at www.menageriedesign.net. Patty is also an accomplished and creative landscape photographer. At her site www.pattyarnold.com you can see images taken while snowshoing at night (“Night Edge”), while kayaking (“Back Bay”) and while flying (“Land:Marks” and “Carrizo Plain”). Patty also documents endangered landscapes. On a recent exploration she photographed the fabulous, fragile desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan. That trip was inspired by books in her library and she feels that it is through books that the world and universe unfold. Patty also teaches college-level courses in graphic design, typography, animation and web design.