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  • All Around Me, I SeeISEE_Store

    Retail Price:Board • $7.95
    Web Special:Board • $7.15

    Here is an opportunity to allow children to love the Earth first—just what they need to do, before we ask them to save it. Wonderful creatures of nature come alive through the curious eyes of a young girl in gently rhyming, delightfully imaginative verses.

  • Amy’s LightAMY_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95
    Overstock Special: Paperback • $4.48

    Remember the wonder and innocence of catching fireflies as they dance through the summer nights? Here is a wonderful opportunity to share the magical experience with your children and also talk about nature, insecurities, and challenges.

  • Ancient Rhymes, A Dolphin LullabyAR_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback with CD • $19.95
    Web Special: Paperback • $8.05 | Hardback with CD • $17.95

    Here’s a rare, gentle way to share a birth with a child. John Denver’s hauntingly beautiful song “Ancient Rhymes” is about the birth of a baby dolphin, and Christopher Canyon’s luminous illustrations—including a baby dolphin curled up with an umbilical cord and also a live birth—convey a sense of mystery, awe, and anticipation of things to come.

  • Around One CactusCACT_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Web Special: Paperback • $8.05 | Hardback • $15.25

    Around One Cactus is natural science—in this case, about desert animals—with a flair. A boy walks up to an impressive saguaro cactus and wonders, "Who could be living on this arid ground?" As night falls, he walks away. And then the place comes alive!

  • Around One Log: Chipmunks, Spiders, and Creepy InsidersLOG_SHOP

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Web Special: Paperback • $8.05 | Hardback • $15.25

    After reading this “field trip between covers,” you and your children will never ignore old logs again when you take a walk in the woods. Because that old log is a mini-habitat, teeming with a fascinating community of animals. From mites to salamanders to daddy long-legs, Tony Fredericks introduces the critters in his typically delightful manner.