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Frog Sounds from Noisy Frog Sing-Along!

Author: John Himmelman
Illustrator: John Himmelman

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When frogs get together, they love to sing! They fill their big, bulgy throat pouch with air and sing out loud. Some peep, some trill, some growl, some creek, and some go WAAH, WAAH, WAAH! It’s a chorus that happens near almost every pond and stream. Learn more about these delightful creatures—and sing along with them!

Author John Himmelman started his first “Bug Club” in a friend’s garage when he was 8 years old, and he’s been playing with frogs and insects ever since. He is enthusiastic about nature, and is the author and illustrator of over 75 books for children.

Educators: Listen to frog sounds and download free activities based on this book on our activities page.

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Book Details

  • 2014 Bank Street College Best Children’s Books of the Year Award Winner
  • 2013 NAPPA Mom’s Choice Gold Award Winner
“Himmelman wows with large-scale, realistic paintings of various frogs and toads in their natural habitats. After a paragraph introducing why and how these creatures produce sounds, each following spread features one species, from peepers and toads to bullfrogs and pickerels. The richly colored backgrounds are as varied as a purple sky above a creek and a blazing desert. The author includes a silent salamander, explaining its close relation as an amphibian. Many children will enjoy mimicking the diverse noises, and budding biologists will savor the illustrations.”

— School Library Journal (August 1, 2013)

“Himmelman follows up his salute to noisy bugs with a look at frogs—how and why they sing and what their songs sound like. Patterned similarly to his Noisy Bug Sing-Along (2013), each double-page spread focuses on a single sound—which reaches across the pages in a huge font—made by a frog or toad, some identified, some not. “A Peeper peeps in the cold spring rain. Peep-peep-peep.” To help readers imagine their tunes, many of the sounds are compared to other things—a plucked banjo, an angry sheep—while others use onomatopoeia—cuk, meep, ribbit—and still others are described as verbs—cry, trill, growl.”

— Kirkus Reviews (July 31, 2013)

Noisy Frog Sing-Along uses imaginative text and beautifully accurate color illustrations to showcase the singing styles and appearance of members of 12 frog species. Appealing to children ages 4-9, Noisy Frog Sing-Along encourages children to imitate the different sounds made by frogs, from “peep-peep-peep” of the peepers to “jug-o-rum, jug-o-rum” of the bullfrogs. Only the dark, lovely blue and yellow spotted salamander does not sing, because he has no throat pouch. After 12 stunning portraits of different species accompanied by their distinctive sounds, a final page sums up all the frog songs together in amazing rainbow text, a cacophony of frogs! A few final pages include individual descriptions of the 12 species described, plus suggested related activities. Noisy Frog Sing-Along is a wonderful opportunity to encourage children to imitate different sounds and learn about frogs and nature.”

— Midwest Book Review (August 2013)

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