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  • Amy’s LightAMY_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95
    Overstock Special: Paperback • $4.48

    Remember the wonder and innocence of catching fireflies as they dance through the summer nights? Here is a wonderful opportunity to share the magical experience with your children and also talk about nature, insecurities, and challenges.

  • City Beats: A Hip-Hoppy Pigeon PoemCITY_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Overstock Sale Price: Paperback • $4.48 | Hardback • $8.48

    Pigeons are a great introduction to urban nature. This book does a remarkable thing: it brings to our attention the fact that taken-for-granted pigeons, or “rock doves,” are beautiful birds.

  • Eliza and the DragonflyELIZA_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Web Special: Paperback • $8.05
    Overstock Sale Price: Hardback • $8.48

    Teachers and parents! This book is a rare find, well deserving of the CBC/NSTA’s prestigious award. The science about dragonflies is perfectly integrated into a story in which the dragonfly’s remarkable metamorphosis from a mucky nymph (“Eeeewww,” says Eliza) to a beautiful winged creature (“Magnificent!” is Aunt Doris’ refrain) is a metaphor for the magic of Eliza’s growing up.

  • For Baby (For Bobbie)BFB_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback with CD • $19.95
    Overstock Sale Price: Paperback • $4.48 | Hardback with CD • $9.98

    This love song by John Denver adapted as a picture book makes a great a baby gift, but it also will help set a calm sweet mood in a classroom. Sunny, colorful illustrations show families and animals from around the world as the song’s lyrics express unconditional love.

  • Forever Forest: Kids Save a Tropical TreasureFOREV_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Overstock Sale Price: Paperback • $4.48 | Hardback • $8.48

    The 54,000-acre Children’s Eternal Rainforest in Costa Rica began as an idea, a few kids, and a bake sale. Word spread and children from over 44 countries raised the funds to make it happen in 1987. Here is its story with a fresh twist, as young Peter discovers that his mother was one of those original kids.

  • If You Give a T-Rex a BoneTREX_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95
    Overstock Sale Price: Paperback • $4.48

    Heads up, dino lovers! If by chance you end up in an ancient habitat, and if you offer a T-Rex a bone, things could get . . . well . . . interesting. Dangerously interesting! Storyteller and teacher Tim Myers magically introduces the reader to all types of dinosaurs in quirky sort of way.

  • If You Were My Baby: A Wildlife LullabyBABY_Store

    Retail Price:Hardback • $16.95 | Board • $7.95
    Web Special:Board • $5.96
    Overstock Sale Price: Hardback • $8.48

    If you are looking for a terrific snuggle-book and ALSO want to introduce your young one to animals and their offspring, you’ve found it. Here is a love poem uniquely combined with non-fiction that explores how parents—both human and non-human—guide their young ones. It begins: If you were my baby squirrel,/ I would welcome you to the world/ In a secret nest I made just for you.

  • Inside AllINSID_Store

    Retail Price: Paperback • $8.95 | Hardback • $16.95
    Overstock Special: Paperback • $4.48 | Hardback • $8.48

    This is a comforting bedtime book that will reassure little ones that they—every one of them—are connected to the world both physically and mystically. They belong, and are part of something meaningful. The story is a simple nesting-doll-like journey. With a few well-chosen words and rich suggestive illustrations, the reader is taken from the outer edges of the universe to a planet, a village, a home, a room, into the heart of a warm, sleepy child, and finally to an awareness of love that somehow encompasses it all.

  • There’s a Babirusa in My Bathtub: Fact and Fancy About Curious CreaturesBABIR_Store

    Retail Price:Hardback • $16.95
    Overstock Sale Price: Hardback • $8.48

    Humorous rhymes and magical illustrations illuminate the lives and careers of little-known animals. There's a loris in your chorus? He's quite a singer! Care to play bingo with a dingo? Watch out, he's a sharp one.